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Player nickname: Kyou
Player DW: [personal profile] heyzizzle
Way to contact you:
Email: heyzizzle@gmail.com
AIM: heyzizzle
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Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters:
Souhei "Sasayan" Sasahara

Character: Taki Tooru
Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou

History: Series wiki

Ever since Taki was young, she's been fond of her grandfather. Her grandfather, since a young age, has always been interested in Youkai, which are supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore that like to cause mischief, and are otherwise invisible to the human eye. And because her grandfather couldn't see them, he had tried to come up with ways that he could actually view the spirits for himself. Eventually, he had come up with a way to find out youkai, namely in the form of a circle that he would draw. However, he kept it to himself until the day of his death, which Taki seemed to grieved over, despite her young age at the time.

However, it wasn't until she was older that she found her grandpa's design for the circle, wondering what it was. The curiosity led her to draw the circle all the time in her house, usually out of how she liked the design. That is, until one day, a youkai (namely, a tengu), managed to pass by over her circle. She was shocked that such a thing existed, but it prompted her to actually draw more. The youkai didn't seem to notice the circle, as she took in the discovery, finding it rather pleasing to herself.

That is, until a horrifying youkai passed by the circle, catching Taki off guard. In an instant, the youkai took note of her actually spotting him, and issuing her an ultimatum; she has a year to find him once more, otherwise he will eat her. In addition, the first fifteen names of a person that she says, he will also go out to eat them. It put Taki in a compromising position; she began to draw these circles for fear of her life, and those around her. Also, she became rather reserved as opposed to her rather cheerful personality, closing herself off to others and otherwise becoming practically silent.

It wasn't, until one day, that she heard from a youkai that there was a boy who could see youkai, himself. His name was Takashi Natsume, and soon Taki learned that he went to the same school as her. She had wanted to approach the boy on her own, but because of the curse that the Youkai had placed on her, she found it hard to actually talk to Natsume and confront him of her problems. However, one day, Natsume found out of what Taki was doing- namely, drawing youkai circles in order to find the youkai that had cursed her. It was then that he agreed to help her out, and eventually, the two did manage to fight and defeat the youkai together.

Every now and then, Taki would also help out Natsume with whatever youkai troubles he may, like when the two helped out a boy that was actually a God in disguise, and when there was a youkai collecting it's own body parts in Taki's house, because of what her father did to seal it. And that's about as far as she'll get into her canon point.

Personality: Taki is generally known for being an easy going, caring individual who's friendly with everyone she knows. There are times where she does get upset at things, but it's when things end up getting serious. Otherwise, she's usually seen as a ray of sunshine, usually going out of her way to help out friends who need it, and she's usually seen participating in a lot of school activities.

There is another side to her that is shown whenever she sees something that looks cute. Whatever she's doing she drops on the spot, only to squeal and hug whatever it is that has caught her attention. If hugging isn't possible for her, then she'll merely fidget in place and want to find a way around it. The most common victim of her "cute fits" is Nyanko-sensei, which is supposed to be Takashi Natsume's guardian youkai, and it's usually seen as a running gag through out the series between the two.

As stated before, when things do tend to get serious, so does Taki's demeanor. She is pretty determined when it comes to the safety of others, rather putting herself in peril (as shown when she was silent for almost a year because of the youkai curse), and shows to care for others (she insists on helping out Natsume despite his refusal of letting his friends into his youkai business). She's also not one to let her friends down, showing as how she manages to keep to her word when her friends plan social events.

When she does manage to break free of her curse, it's shown how rapidly she accepts the fact that she can talk, taking change as a welcome whenever she sees it fit. And because of it, she's become a lot more social at school, showing off her rather vibrant, colorful personality. Without skipping a beat, she won't hesitate on showing kindness to another person, as seen when Natsume and her were taking care of a boy named Kai, and practically showing him a good time. She also doesn't seem to discriminate, either, choosing to be nice to both human and youkai, alike.

Rarely does Taki ever seem to get mad. If pushed, she can get a little pushy, herself. However, there doesn't seem to be much of the girl genuinely getting mad over something (unless it's something really important that's hid to her), and won't be seen yelling at anyone otherwise. She's also hardly ever shown getting depressed (unless it involves her friends getting hurt), instead opting to keep thinking optimistically about situations, and thinking things will turn out alright in the end.

In the end, Taki is someone that people would have no trouble getting along with. Sure, there may be her moments where she will freak out over something cute, and times where she does get a bit serious, but otherwise, she's approachable, easy to talk to, and will be willing to do anything as long as it isn't too outrageous, and as long as her friends are there, she's going to keep cheerful.

Other: n/a
Additional Links: n/a

First Person:

Oh, hello there. I've been having a little question on my mind that I've been meaning to ask.

[Taki's face soon pops up on the video, herself giving off a warm smile to everyone who's viewing this. However, it soon switched to something a little more thoughtful, herself pressing a finger to her cheek.]

Have you ever had something you wanted, but could never really have? And if so, what was it? [She's not sure where she's going with this, but...] Or, no, that came out a bit wrong...what I meant to say was, was there anything that was out of your reach? I'm sure you've all had that sort of feeling where you wanted to get something, but...

[She let out a small sigh. There were a lot of cute things on display, today, but she didn't have any money to actually get it herself.] Something really expensive at a store, like a cute new shirt, or maybe some cute new boots to go along with them! I've been looking at some for a while now, but...it's not within my actual budget range. Hm...

Also, what sort of animals do you like, too? There's a lot out there, and I'm sure some of you have some different ones depending on what world you're in, but I find some cats to be adorable at times. You'd have to ask Natsume-kun to show you his sometime, unless he has already, but...he's really too cute, I can't handle him sometime!

...but, um, yes, if you could help me out with this little question, I think I'd be a little grateful! Um, I guess I'll be awaiting to hear your responses. Thank you, and I'll see you guys later!

Third Person:

She can't remember the last time it was that she felt so happy, and so relieved, that she could be open like she is once more. Taki has a smile on her face, walking home from school to her house, a little relieved she can finally talk to someone else, able to say their name...it's something that she's definitely wanted for a while. It was tiring trying to keep this part of her on lock down, not talking to anyone...she didn't want to think about that part of her life anymore, where she had to fight for her life...no, it was a time to actually be happy for herself- to see where she could go with this new found social adeptness she has.

Eventually, she manages to reach home. It was...different, in a way. Different that she could actually shout out. "I'm home!" without having to worry about anything happening as a consequence? She lets out a little sigh of relief, finding herself going up to her room and plopping herself on the bed, staring up at her ceiling. It came to her head, though, that she'd be wrapped up with what Natsume has to deal with now, actually being there first hand to experience the sort of hardships the boy has to go through now...it made her smile falter a little, but...

It shouldn't be a problem, right? If she were to offer to help out the boy as best as she could, then he wouldn't have to suffer alone anymore, would he? Not like what she had to...no, she didn't want anyone else to have that feeling of being alone anymore, not because of what youkai do to them...she realizes now the sort of things that Natsume has to keep to himself in order to protect others, but it makes her wonder why he can't be open to other people about it...?

There has to be something she's missing in all of this. She's way too wrapped up in thinking that there has to be a reason for the boy being the way he is. Eventually, though, she lets out a little sigh and sits up for a moment, wanting to get out of her school uniform for the time being. She can worry about this sort of thing later. It's actually time for her to actually unwind a bit and...

...hold on. There's something outside of her window that's actually catching her attention. Sure, it takes her a good squint to make out what it was, but she definitely couldn't mistake that figure anywhere else. On her fence, there seemed to be a cat familiar to the one that Natsume has with him...it makes something inside of her start to come up, a bit of a squeal coming out of her as she actually darts out of her room and out of the house.

However, she's trying to be as sneaky as she possibly can, one wrong move can disturb Nyanko-sensei in whatever he is doing (possibly looking for other youkai, she takes it), and when she's finally within range of actually grabbing the poor little guy...

"Gotcha!" Her arms are already wrapped around the poor cat as she presses him against his cheeks, rubbing it against his own face affectionately. "Why are you sooo cuuuute! I just want to keep you forever!" It takes a good while, but she's probably not going to let go of him any time soon...


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